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Cartodruid 0.59.1 available now


Cartodruid 0.59.1 available now

The Cartodruid team is pleased to announce the release of the new version of Cartodruid.
This version adds various features and improvements. To enjoy them download or update Cartodruid from the Play Store.

What's new in 0.59.1

Improved geometry editing

Now It is easier and more intuitive to create or modify geometries. Check this post to see a description.

Improvement in the import of spatialite

During the import process, the user is informed of all the necessary actions so the spatial file can be used in cartodruid.

Changes necessary for operation on Android 10

  • Bug fixes when accessing files on external storage.
  • Correction of errors in data collection in backgroung.
  • Other minor changes to improve application stability.