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Android 13 support in CartoDruid


Android 13 support in CartoDruid

Great news for all CartoDruid users! We are delighted to announce that we now provide full support for Android 13. We have resolved an issue regarding access to SD cards that was occurring on some devices running Android 13.

When starting CartoDruid, the application searches for SQLite-format maps on both internal and SD memory cards. This allows you to reference the maps in your CartoDruid projects simply by their file names, without needing to input the absolute path to the database. This ensures that your projects are portable across devices.

Due to changes in the file access interface of Android and how it is implemented on certain devices, CartoDruid was unable to access SD cards, resulting in the databases stored in this storage not being found. However, with version of our application, we have introduced a solution to this issue.

Now, in the Settings > General section within the application, we have added a new option that allows users to select the path where they store their maps.