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Cartodruid version 0.62.0 arrives


Cartodruid version 0.62.0 arrives

We are pleased to announce the arrival of version 0.62.0 of Cartodruid. This update brings significant improvements and some new features that we are sure will improve your experience with our application.

Update your Cartodruid app from the Google Play Store

What's new in version 0.62.0

  • Layer with SQL query as data source

We have improved Cartodruid to add the possibility of defining layers whose data comes from an SQL query on one or more tables in the database.

Here is a post that describes how to use this functionality.

  • User account selection per project

If in your projects you have configured that the associated user is a Google account on the device, you now have the possibility of associating a different user account with each project. To select the user you have to go to Settings -> General -> User Account. In this post we explained how users were configured in the application so that it is a user account

  • Bug fixes

We have addressed several issues reported by our users to improve overall stability and ensure more efficient operation of the app.

This update reflects our continued commitment to improving Cartodruid, and we appreciate the feedback we have received from our user community. We strive to meet your expectations and provide a solid and reliable experience.

If you have any questions or comments about this update, please feel free to contact us through the Forum

Thank you for being part of the Cartodruid community!

The Cartodruid team